Sufism & the Art of Loving

Program Intro 

From March to December, every month, Bay Dervish will do a whole Saturday at Rudramandir in Berkeley. Under the umbrella name Sufism & the Art of Loving, a mix of music, talks, conversations, meditations, interactive evenings. Generally the days will go like this:

            Morning — An open qawwali practice (preparing for qawwali recitals in June and November)
            Afternoon — A storytelling masterclass: 4-5 tellers, an experienced teacher, audience, social time
            Evening — Art of Loving session: a talk and conversation/discussion, then zikr 

Evening Session Intro

I follow the religion of love: whatever way love's
camels take, that is my religion and my faith. — Ibn ’Arabi 

The Art of Loving sessions are a place for you to find your own understanding of and approach to loving. Loving yourself, loving others, loving "the one," loving the One ... we'll travel through them all, explore new approaches,  hear how others do it. Each session will start with a short talk, exercise or meditation which will lead us into open conversation/discussion. We'll open the doors at 6:40 pm, start the session at 7:00 pm. At about 8:30 pm we'll take a break and then close with zikr, a Sufi musical meditation.

Whoever you are, whatever you believe in (or not), our conversations will be open to your sharing, insights, opinions. We will also explore practices and actions that can liberate us, lift us up when we feel incomplete or helpless. There will be time for questions and suggestions for deeper inquiry; those who want to follow-up personally with Murshid Kiran and Jeanne Rana can arrange times to do so.

Sufism is a search for and an opening to love, asking us to find our wholeness in our humanness. Our contemporary and creative approach embraces many traditions, teachings, lineages and schools. All are welcome to our programs: if you are looking for thoughtfulness, friendship or guidance, come and join the conversation, see what you find. 


All sessions are on Saturdays except December 8.
Qawwali is from 10:30 am - 1:00 pm; Storytelling is from 2:30 - 5:30 pm

March 30 ~ Qawwali — Storytelling — Loving Yourself
April 27 ~ Qawwali — Storytelling — Loving Others 
May 11 ~ Qawwali — Storytelling — The Art of Loving 
June 22 ~ Evening Qawwali recital 
July 27 ~ Sufi poetry workshop (morning & afternoon) — Love Types and Archetypes
August 24 ~ Qawwali — Storytelling — Vulnerability 
September 21 ~ Qawwali — Storytelling — Sexual Loving 
October 12 ~ Qawwali — Storytelling — The Way of the Heart 
November 23 ~ Evening Qawwali recital 
December 8 (Sunday) ~ Debriefing — Storytelling — Closing Potluck & Zikr


$20 online for any evening session; same price at the door if there’s space. There are a limited number of tickets for attending a whole day for $35 (includes morning qawwali and afternoon storytelling). Nobody turned away.

About the Qawwali

Our ongoing group will be practicing for qawwali recitals in June and November. You can come to listen, get lyric sheets and sing with us, perhaps even join us on your instrument. If you are interested in being part of the recitals please message or email me. The fee to attend qawwali practice is $15, pay at the door.

About the Storytelling Masterclass

If you are a storyteller or always wanted to be one, if you have a story inside you looking for refinement and expert feedback, book a slot (5 slots per day) and get your story critiqued by an expert. There will be no storytelling masterclasses in June, July, and December. The fee to be a teller is $35. Please email or call to make a reservation early. The fee to come and listen is $10; all are welcome, no reservation needed, pay at the door.